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Sinetemba operates as a day care centre in the Roman Catholic church hall in Khayalethu South, Knysna. This venue is leased for ten years on a pro bona basis. Two daily meals are provided for the children, plus a weekly activity program including literacy, numeracy, pottery, card making, cookery, gardening, drumming, sport, life-skills as well as recreational outings.

The focus of Sinetemba is to rehabilitate the youth in self sufficiency through training. The purpose of the focus is to provide and opportunity to train youths to earn a living, negating the temptation to revert to begging, theft or drug trafficking. Thanks to a great team of volunteers several skills are taught with new programs constantly being developed. The making of hotboxes for inexpensive and environmentally safe slow-cooking, is next on their list.

Sinetemba means “WE HAVE HOPE” and have been operational for 6 years. Since its inception the project has been run on accountable business lines. During the first quarter of this year they have reintegrated 17 children back into mainstream schooling. After school they are collected and then they participate in after school activities at Sinetemba.

No entry fee are charged, but visitors are requested to make an appointment. Donations towards the centre are welcomed.

The Catholic Church Hall, Kayalethu- South, Knysna. Follow signage from Percy Mdala High School.

Tel: 082 82 70091
Contact Person: Michael Smith and Elginn Hoff

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