This is a Rural Tourism Route in the Southern Cape area, which includes 11 rural communities in the Garden Route and Klein Karoo area. The route includes home-stays and farm-stays, forest walks ect. all in a rustic rural setting.

This is an initiative inspired by rural women, who invite you to appreciate the natural beauty of the lovely countryside surrounding them. All the “mothers” on the route offers basic accommodation in a homely setting. By supporting this initiative you have the opportunity to experience their way of living and to contribute responsibly to our local Rural communities.

Vision of the Mothers of Creation Experience:

  • The development of a tourist route owned by women;
  • A route that focuses on sustainable development, for example alternative services, organic food, cultural crafts and alternative building methods;
  • A route which offers visitors the opportunity to interact with the communities and in particular local women;
  • A route that will provide income generation opportunities to the broader community through the provision of peripheral commodity supplies;
  • A route that will enable rural women to own the businesses and resources and not just benefit through employment; and
  • A route that will challenge the land-holding patterns of the region and shift power relations.


What to expect when visiting the communities and enjoying a homestay:

  • Toilet Facilities: The majority of the toilets are long drops (outside toilets with either a bucket or a large open hole beneath the toilet).
  • Towel: Although it is not necessary for all homestays, it is suggested that own towels are taken.
  • Linen: Linen is provided at the majority of the establishments however, confirm this when making reservations.
  • Water: Some of the establishments do not have running water inside the homestays.

    This is a different experience! Leave behind running water, electricity, flushing toilets and preconceived ideas. Choose the excitement of the unknown and the opportunity to share the reality of other people’s lives.


Guidelines when visiting the communities:

As far as possible, directions are supplied for most communities and local establishments. However, once you arrive in the community, locals can usually give you further directions.

Notice period:
As the communities are generally quite a distance from established towns, your hosts need at least 48 hours notice to prepare for your stay.


  • Treat all residents with respect and dignity;
  • Ask for permission before taking photographs;
  • Don’t hand out money - rather make a donation to a local charity that will put your money to use for community projects;
  • Take general safety precautions such as keeping valuables locked away; and
  • And most importantly, enjoy yourself and have fun.

Traditional Food:
The local people take pride in their cooking and visitors will definitely leave feeling well-fed. Should you prefer vegetarian meals, the ladies will gladly oblige. The majority of the communities have their own vegetable gardens and they pride themselves on their ability to grow their vegetables organically.


Traditional food of the area:

  • Marogo: A cooked spinach dish.
  • Pap en vleis: Corn meal porridge, usually thick enough to eat with your fingers, and meat.
  • Roosterkoek/bread: Bread kneaded and then cooked over open coals.
  • Vetkoek: Deep fried dough that can have a savoury or sweet filling.
  • Moer koffie: Traditionally brewed, strong filter coffee.
  • Tomato Smoor: Warm tomato and onion relish.
  • Samp: Traditional staple food, almost a combination of rice and pap.
  • Afval: The internal organs of the animal cooked in a stew.
  • Potjiekos: A stew usually made in a three-legged black pot (potjie pot) over an open fire.
  • Wors: Traditional South African sausage.


This is not a route for the hurried or impatient traveller. It is a route to be cherished as it engulfs an area of incredible beauty and incredible people. The local people want to welcome visitors into their communities, their homes and their lives. You are invited to enjoy every aspect of the scenery, the culture and the people. Visitors will be treated to exceptional hospitality and warmth. The real highlight of staying at a homestay is to overnight as a personal guest of the family.

The Mothers of Creation Experience is a unique and energising experience:

  • Enjoy the beauty of the southern Cape;
  • Meet the South Africans who live and love in this beautiful region;
  • Have the experience of a lifetime;
  • During this tour you will marvel at the resilience of people who were oppressed and dispossessed but are making the most of their lives;
  • You will meet the rocks of the nation: her women and be able to share their stories, tears and skills;
  • You will feast on local, healthy foods all grown and prepared by your hosts;
  • You will be able to purchase local crafts;
  • You will rest and relax in homes built and decorated by your hosts;
  • You will dance, laugh, cry and sing with the emotions of Africa as well be amazed by her beauty and silence; and
  • You will walk, canoe, bicycle, sightsee, ride in donkey carts and rock in taxis.



  • Bed & Breakfast - R210 pp
  • Forest walks - R120 pp (including picnic lunch)
  • Forest walk - R80 pp


Tel: 044 3825510/ 083 383 0119
Contact Person: Glendyrr Fick
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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