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A Kenyan owned curio shop centrally situated in the heart of Templeman Square, the craft hub for curios in Knysna`s CBD. There is a rich history and culture behind these products, which comes from all over the African continent. Michael does all the hand crafting of the curios and his personal touch is evident in the quality of his work. Lea is very proud of their shop and the goods they sell. Her passion is evident and she makes this shopping trip a true experience.

Directions: Cnr, St Georges and Main Street, in the Templeman building. Landmarks around the shop are Foto First, Imperial Liquors and Woodmill Lane Shopping Centre.

Tel:044 3750197 | 073 763 2419 | 074 845 9534
Contact person: Michael and Lea Mbondo

La vie, pourtant, est pleine d enseignements sur les avantages, les miracles meme parfois, de l amour. Or, si l’on ne stimule pas le plancher pelviens ou si ce dernier est distendu le risque de souffrir d’incontinence urinaire est plus important: