Arts and Crafts

Knysna Living Heritage Project

This is an Arts and Crafts Project involving women from the local community. Activities include sewing, fabric printing, painting and much more. Situated in Old Gaol building in Queen Street.

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The Muse Factory

The Muse Factory’s products include beautiful brooches, key rings and handmade jewels made by woman from the Knysna area. Their workmanship is of very high standard and custom orders are welcome. It is Shirley’s wish to create more opportunities for the women; involved and to assist in eradicating poverty in their communities.

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Masithandane Community Mosaic Project | Sedgefield

The Sedgefield Mosaic Art Tourism Job Creation Project aims to create closer ties between Smutsvillle, Sizamile and the central business district in Sedgefield. Masithandane, is a registered Non Governmental Organization (non profit) and primarily cares for those affected by, and infected with HIV-AIDS. To provide for the clinic and its running expenses they have started a Mosaic project; presenting interactive mosaic workshops and making mosiac art pieces that are already visible all over town. Here local people create lovely mosaic crafts under the expert eye of local artists. The focus is on skills development and on job creation as well as creating sustainability for the care facility.

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Workshop for the Physically Disabled

This is a protective workspace which offers training and employment for 40 disabled crafters in various mediums such as candle making, leatherwork, beading, textile stenciling, sewing, woodwork, furniture restoration and card making. They are paid a small wage which supplements their disability grant. Crafters are collected from home and cared for while working at the facility.

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African All Sorts

African All Sorts was established in 2004 by a husband and wife team from Elandskraal in the Sedgefield region. Their signature product is an authentic recycled “Africa Time” clock produced from recycled tins. These unique clocks are available in two sizes (large & small), and are fitted with standard clock mechanisms. The clocks are available in a wide variety of colours. If you are looking for a unique gift to take home for your family & riends then this is the one! Corporate orders are welcomed and any designs can be custom made.

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Cornerstone Curio Shop

A Kenyan owned curio shop centrally situated in the heart of Templeman Square, the craft hub for curios in Knysna`s CBD. There is a rich history and culture behind these products, which comes from all over the African continent. Michael does all the hand crafting of the curios and his personal touch is evident in the quality of his work. Lea is very proud of their shop and the goods they sell. Her passion is evident and she makes this shopping trip a true experience.

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